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HEPA Vaccuming? No Problem

HEPA Vacuuming is among the many services we provide to our clients. Call SERVPRO of Western Essex County today for your residential home and commercial property needs. Trust the best!

We Offer Reconstruction Services

After Demolition is completed, look no where else for your reconstruction project in your home. Call SERVPRO of Western Essex County today for your residential and commercial property needs. Trust the best!

We Have the Man Power for Any Job

We are proud to have such a big team to provide the best services for you! Call SERVPRO of Western Essex County today for your residential and commercial property needs. Trust the best!

We take on Any Job

No job is never too big. We make it "Like it never even happened." Call SERVPRO of Western Essex County today for your residential and commercial property needs. Trust the best!

Trust, Hard working, Professional Team

Trust SERVPRO of Western Essex County for any type of job. Specializing in residential homes and commercial properties. No job is never too big. We make it "Like it never even happened." 

We Take on Any Tasks!

SERVPRO of Western Essex County helping out a customer remove a fallen tree on top of their residential apartment complex located in Newark, New Jersey. There is nothing we can't do!

New Jersey Hit With Heavy Rainfall

In the past few months, New Jersey has been experiencing a high level of heavy rainfall. Did you know heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding is one of the common types of damage from storms?

Mold All Over

Here in SERVPRO of Western Essex County we are not afraid of mold. What you see here is mold all over this structure that spread throughout this customer's home. We got there ready to fix it all because no job is too big for us. This customer was satisfied with the results.


Here we are at the Annual UCMB EXPO. After all of these storms going on what better way to get our names out there and network, to explain to our community what we can do to help in case of an emergency.

Water Sewage Damage

What you see here is how bad water damage can affect a home. In this picture you see fecal matter in a customer's bathroom floor. We got there and used our SERVPRO equipment to disinfect the air, fix the leak, and our antimicrobial disinfectants to clean the area.

Moldy Basement Pipe

What you see here is mold left untreated for a long time. In this picture you can see just how much mold can grow and spread. You can actually see the moldy substance very clearly; which is not always as clear as this.

Effects of a fire

What you see here is the hard truth of all the losses that can come out of a fire. This can happen in the blink of an eye, which is why it is good to make the proper precautions to prevent all fires if you can.

Fire Aftermath

Here in SERVPRO of Western Essex County we run into all types of fires. In the picture above what you see is another effect a fire can have in your house, and towards your personal belongings. going through something like this can be devastating but we are always here to help.

Commercial lunch room cleaning

What you see here is some of our commercial cleaning work here in SERVPRO of Western Essex County. In the Before top picture there is a lunch room that is very dirty and in the bottom After picture everything is squeaky clean. We love what we do here in SERVPRO of Western Essex County.

Commercial Cleaning

What you see here is a before and after picture of a cleaning that we did in a commercial building in N.J. as you can see in the before picture on the top the floor looks very dirty and dull as opposed to the after picture in the bottom. Here in SERVPRO of Western Essex County no job is too big for us.  

Cleaning & Disinfecting of Underground Shaft in Dietary Dept.

Here we got a call to clean and disinfect an underground shaft in the kitchen department of a very active hospital. As you can see on the top left square, the shaft was full to the middle of the wall with oil residue and dirt. On the top right of the picture we have our tech hard at work with our state of the art equipment. In the bottom of the picture is the end result, where as you can see everything is mostly gone. This particular customer was very happy with the end result and, they will continue to use us for future business. 

Storms can Affect Walls

In this picture what we have is an affected wall after a snow storm in N.J. The snow melted into water and seeped through the walls, causing bubbles. If left untreated this can cause more destruction to this home.

Storm Effect

In this picture what we have here is a ceiling that fell apart after a rain storm that we had here in N.J. The storm triggered the fall of an already weak roof top in the house.

The Water Extractor

In the picture above you can see a damaged rug due to water in a N.J. home. After we figure out if this rug can be saved or not we, decide which SERVPRO machine we will use to go forward. In this scenario we went with our water extractor; which sucks out just enough water for us to simply remove the damaged rug, and move towards the remediation process.


Pictured above is a flooded basement caused by severe raining. If not treated right away this can cause lots of damage to property and people living in it. Here at SERVPRO of Western Essex County we were certainly up for the job. 

Water Damage

Water damage can spread quickly all over a house ruining ceilings, and floors (like in the picture above). Water can damage a home to the point of flooding and creating mold if not handled fast. In this picture you can see how bad things can get; we were just glad to be able to help.

Backyard Fire

Here in SERVPRO of Western Essex County we fix this. Let us help you over come this, just in case you are ever in this position. What you see here is a backyard fire that destroyed half of a customer's home. We helped! No job is too big for us.

Aluminum Extension Pole

This is an Aluminum Extension Pole, it has a nylon locking collar where we place a sponge to remove soot and ash after a fire or during mold. It is best used for hard to reach places like you can see in this picture, from SERVPRO of Western Essex County. 

Soot Removal Sponges

What you see in the picture here is just plain Soot Natural Rubber Sponges. They are used like an eraser to remove smoke damage after a fire, fly ash and soot. Safe for use on walls, paneling and acoustical tiles.

Soot From a Fire

Here in SERVPRO of Western Essex County we work hard for you. What you see here is a hallway we cleared up, full of soot after a huge fire. We know how to help after tragic event like this.

Different types of dehumidifiers

These are all the different types of dehumidifiers that we use here in SERVPRO of Western Essex County. The sizes are used depending of the cubic feet of the location we are working on at the time. 

Xtreme Xtractor

This is the extraordinary new hydro Xtreme Xtraction machine, professional flood damage due to storms; restorers can now dry out the carpet – and the underfelt while leaving it on the floor!

The breakthrough has enabled properties to be restored to their pre flood condition in a faster time than previously possible and at a reduced cost as the underfelt will normally not have to be replaced or pulled out.

The Hydro Xtreme Xtractor has a weighted and balanced head which pushes out the water from the carpet and pad and automatically extracts at the same time.

The see through retrieval hose enables the operator to determine when the moisture has been removed. Roll and vacuum the water out at the same time – and save time, effort and money!

Mold Structure

In this structure you can see how dark and how moldy a structure can get. When mold is left untreated it grows and spreads throughout the location. as you can see in the picture above it spread through the ceiling down to the walls. Good thing we had our mold solution handy to clear things up in the Bottom Right.  

Mold Stain Remover Solution

Here in SERVPRO of Western Essex County we use a Concrobium Mold Stain Remover Solution. It is a powerful cleaning solution that targets tough and embedded mold and mildew stains on outdoor and indoor surfaces. Perfect for black mold stains.

Restorator by Vaportek

This tool smells amazing. It is an odor eliminator. It uses essential oil cartridges to release non-toxic odor neutralizing dry vapor into the air. This works great for our mold jobs, as well as malodors caused by fires, food, and biological odors.

HEPA Line Vacer

This SERVPRO of Western Essex County equipment is the HEPA Line Vacer. It is great for Mold Remediation. It is needed when clean air in a controlled environment is critical; it cleans and disinfects the air with up to 99.97% accuracy.

SERVPRO Equipment Ready for War

This was a home with massive water damage due to a roof top leak. What you see here is just our tools ready to dry up the place. The Dehumidifier, and the small Turbo Dryers to finish up the drying process into perfection.

Our Air Scrubber

This machine is vital to the jobs that we do here at SERVPRO of Western Essex County. The Air Scrubber sucks out bacteria, mold spores, and other hazardous particles that may be in the air; then it filters the air, and converts it into clean air.

1094 Globe Avenue!

We thought you might want to see our beautiful new office, located on 1094 Globe Avenue in Mountainside N.J. 

This is where the magic starts to happen at SERVPRO of Western Essex County in New Jersey.

Saint Michael's Strip and Wax

This was a strip and wax job done for a Church. Here  we are showing you the process on the same floor, and same location. We have a beforemiddle (after the floor was stripped), and after (after we finished the job and waxed the floor).

The results are amazing and we left the church looking brand new. Here at SERVPRO of Western Essex County we like to keep our customers happy and get the job done! 


SERVPRO of Western Essex County is a proud member of the ISNETWORLD Contractor Network

CE Class March 21, 2017

"Who Needs Ethics?" will be presented on March 21, 2017 at the Springfield Elks for New Jersey Property & Casual Insurance Producers (3 Credits). Two classes will occur 9 AM-12 PM, and 1 PM-4 PM.


SERVPRO of Central Union and Western Essex Counties are active members in the New Jersey Chapter of the Indoor Air Quality Association.

Happy New Year

Have a Great New Year Everybody!!!

Floor Drying System

SERVPRO’S unique floor Drying System positioned in a kitchen in an attempt to save the hardwood floor instead of removing and replacing.


Prompt Response

Our SERVPRO of Western Essex County team arriving to our customers house to assist with water damage.



SERVPRO of Western Essex county Crew

Our Highly trained SERVPRO of Western Essex county team is ready 24 hours a day and 7 days per week, to restore or clean your property. No job is too big for these guys! So in case of an emergency do give us a call!

Water Loss at a Local College

This is our state of the art equipment in place at a local College after a water loss. This is our work in action. Here at SERVPRO we only use the best equipment there is to assure the best results.

Residential Duct Cleaning

Negative air Vacuum hooked to duct System ready to begin a residential duct cleaning.

General Cleaning

Our SERVPRO of Central Union County Technician aggressively, deep cleaning vinyl floors for commercial client as part of a general cleaning throughout the facility.

Bob Morrison with Sparky Lyle at BOMA-NJ

Bob Morrison is pictured here with Sparky Lyle, the speaker at the November Meeting of BOMA-NJ. Sparky is a former New York Yankee and 1977 Cy Young Award Winner.

Hospital Facility Managers Welcome New Member

Membership Co-Chair and SERVPRO of Western Essex County owner Bob Morrison welcomes new member to the Healthcare Facility Managers Committee. We are thrilled with this new member on our team.

Happy Holidays

Our entire SERVPRO crew wishes all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season! So Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Stay safe but if anything comes along we are still here to help rain of shine!

IICRC Certified Firm!

IICRC Certified Firm!

NADCA Certified Company

SERVPRO of Western Essex County is Certified to clean HVAC and Air Duct Systems

Our Table-top exhibit

Our Table-top exhibit at the All-Day CE Seminar for New Jersey Hospital Facility Managers